Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Favorite Time of Year

Here in A-Ville, we are currently in my favorite time of year.  No, it's not because of the snow.  It's not because of winter, or warm and cozy, or wonderful warm fireplaces, or hot spiced tea...  None of those things, while I love them, make this my favorite time of year.

These two things make it my favorite time of year.

Son #1   and

Son #2.

You see, right now we are experiencing what Son #2 calls 'Magic Month', and what Son #1 calls 'The Month from H E Double Hockey Sticks'!!  For 5 weeks every year, my two sons are the same age. 

No, they are not twins,
Yes, it seemed as though they were,
Yes, it's a long story,
and No, I'm not going to tell it to you.

Trust me on this.

Even though those two sweet faces have differing opinions on what to call this period we find ourselves in....  I love it.    I remember it all.   From realizing each of them was coming, to the color coded bottles in the fridge, and the color coded hangers in the closets....to watching them learn to read, write, play instruments, play with their friends, to laser tag, airsoft, computers....... and I couldn't be prouder of the men they have become.

But there are two more that are the same age as well.

Cousin #1  and

and Cousin #2.

Something very special happened to my mama about 22 years ago.....she was blessed with four grandchildren in one year...and I did two of them!!    (Son #1, Cousin #1, Son #2, Cousin #2)  

And in nine days, we start year 23!!  

I just love this time of year....

Love to all,


  1. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing the pics. We are one good looking family. :)

  2. great looking group! and such a special Grandma!