Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Attack Cat

We have a cat.  

I know, I know....if you had told me a year ago we would have a cat, I would have said "There's no way under God's heaven, in the world, absolutely no way ever that we will have a cat!"  

There are perfectly good reasons I feel this way....
#1.   I'm allergic to cats!   and
#2.   I'm allergic to cats!!

And yet, we have a cat.

She adopted us.   One summer afternoon, she showed up all bones and scraggly....and the kids felt so bad for her that they gave her a bit to eat..and drink....for about 2 weeks straight!   Now what cat do you know that is leaving that!   So KeeKee is our cat.  My only request was that she 'work' for her keep!  

We live in the country.  On 38 acres.  When it starts to get really cold there are little varmits from the outside that like to come inside...and KeeKee likes it when they do.   She's an attack cat!

She's proven herself on more than one occasion....   Such an attack cat!

Three days ago I walked into our bedroom and saw this....

She was watching a little varmit....and I thought "What amazing eye sight cats must have to see that little varmit that far away"   (our bedroom windows are on the second floor)

Then I looked.

Yeah.....she's an attack cat with an attitude!!

You go KeeKee!!!

Love to all,

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