Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Thing

There seems to be a feeling of 'new' in A-Ville....   New hopes, new dreams, new realities, new possibilities.  I like new.  It can provide us with that new surge of enthusiasm, a new insight into life, or a new purse, and that ALWAYS helps. 

This New Year, we did a wonderful, fun thing with our boys and one of their ladies.  We went back to our favorite ski mountain, Crested Butte, and stayed for a week.  The weather was beautiful, the accomodations were amazing, and the company was wonderful. 

What a great view to wake up to each morning.

Don't they look excited!  First morning and they're ready to go....
At this point no one has bruises, everyone is warm, and everyone can breathe!! 

I love this picture of my men.  They had a great time trying to out-do each other on the black slopes!
And the conversations on the lifts.... they all enjoyed.

Even Grandma had a terrific time. 

And I even got to take my new purse!

Love to all,

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